Category: Reviews

5 December, 2020

The Belles of Burlesque // InsideOutside Theatre Company

The Belles of Burlesque is a fun little show full of talented artists that is guaranteed to make the audience laugh, gasp and clap along. The performers are brave and confident in expressing their sexuality in such a entertaining way which really challenges the audience to explore their own sensual side.

30 November, 2020

Misfits School of Arts // Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre

Misfits School of Arts is a wonderfully uplifting explosion of colour and music that captures the imagination of the audience from beginning to end. The story is simple but universal and there is something magical about this group of misfits that evokes a sense of childlike joy. It is beyond excellent!

25 November, 2020

APOCALIPSTICK \\ Polytoxic & Friends

Performing at the Metro Arts New Benner Theatre in West End and presented by Polytoxic, Apocalipstick is the fiercely feminist variety show that you didn’t know you needed; the perfect blend of comedy and feminism to rid us of all the toxic 2020 energy.

11 September, 2020

Leviathan // Brisbane Festival and Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Leviathan painted a rich, complex picture of humanity and our reality that is inevitably tied to the existence of others. The philosophical underpinnings clearly emanated through the flawless choreography, costume and lighting, visual imagery, and sound design. I felt that the message of this work was particularly pertinent in today’s post-coronavirus world. There could not have been a more relevant time to explore the social contract and shared responsibility.